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* Shootable ART TARGETS Designed for AIR SOFT, Paintball & BB Gun Fun !
** Proven Tough enough for LARGER Caliber Firearms !
Can also do Archery, Crossbow, Knife Throw, and Darts !, ( yet dulls tips ).
is Original Sculpture & three-dimensional Artwork
from the imagination of Artist Barry Buchanan...
are TWO (2) FEET TALL !, that's 24 Inches !, and 8 Inches Wide !..
Constructed of Sturdy 3/4 Inch Thick high quality Pine Plywood !..
are High Visibility Green and can take a Pounding.
For this Video, we shot our Zombie with a BB rifle, .22 rifle, and 38 handgun !

was still standing after numerous rounds,. ready for more !
Outlasts piles of targets made of paper, cardboard, foam and plastic.
Legs are designed to push into the ground
and the head is strong enough to tap with a mallet ...
The deeper in the ground, the sturdier stands,
so you don't have to keep re-setting the target...
Eye is a 1/2 Inch Drilled hole,
so hang it on a wall hook or from a tree with string...
Heck, it IS Art, so you don't even have to shoot him
if he just looks too Great on the wall...
Our Zombies are manufactured at this state of the art Wood Shop !

Wood doesn't ricochet back at you and your camera lense like steel does,
however we recommend wearing Safety glasses...
The more shot up they get, the more they look like a Zombie...
are Sanded & painted on both sides,
so once you've shot up one side, flip it around
and you've got a whole new target on the other side..
It's like getting TWO Targets in One !
Here, is standing next to a 27" Tall Drag Slick on a 15" Wheel !

Due to it's Size, can be placed at a Greater Distance
than a Lot of Targets, making it Safer to Shoot !
Save Critters ~ Shoot Zombies instead !
One piece ~ NO Assembly Required !
are Professionally Made in the USA !
Months of Enjoyment !

* Email for Shipping Cost on Zombies going Out of U.S.A. !

Copyright 2016 all rights reserved

Email : barry@zombieshotz.com

Dress him up and Hang him as Wall Art !

If he looks too Good to shoot, then put him out in the Garden !

Or put him on the Front Lawn for Halloween !

Or make him protect your Towel space on the Beach !

You can also reach us at :